The Trieye flagship

View Sport

When we designed TriEye VIEW we had a major focus on the size of the mirror, the shape of the mirror and the angle/distance between your eye and the mirror - all to give you an optimized rear view. At the same time we wanted to design a modern eyewear with only premium parts. Below you can select between our different models with lenses for every need.

High Quality Frame

The frame is made from TR90, which is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Air Vents

An opening between the frame and the lens creates an airflow that helps to eliminate lens fogging.

Lens Hatch

Smart hatch/lock keep the lens in place and enables easy switch between different lenses.

Scratch Resistant

The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected (100%), scratch- and impact resistant.

Nose Pad

To have a perfect fit it is important to have an adjustable and rubberized nose pad. Detachable.

Integrated Mirror

The patent pending mirror solution is made from acrylic and polycarbonate combination.