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Designed with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, providing a clear view behind without shifting focus from the road ahead.

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Just like mastering any new skill, your body needs time to adapt. The same goes for Trieye Eyewear! Dive into our video and guide to discover the secrets of adjusting your glasses for the perfect fit.

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Just a family business

the concept and story of trieye

Riding in the Norwegian mountains, my family and I cycled when my son crashed into me from behind. Like lightning, the thought to add a mirror to my eyewear ignited.

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The mirror takes a little time to get used to and to adjust but it works well. I wish the lense were polarized.

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margit m. nacey (Rotonda West, US)
Everything I expected…. Great

I’m a 66 yr old dude who lives in Fl. Ride an E-bike and a we all ride scooters. Perfect for seeing if a car is behind you! The best !

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great glasses

Love the glasses I would recommend them to all cyclists and even runners!!!
It takes a few rides to get the mirror adjusted to my liking.
otherwise very good!!!


Tried these after being tired of using a mirror attached to my helmet. While rear-view visibility isn’t as broad or easy as with my helmet mirror, I’m getting accustomed to these glasses and do prefer them. Also, I have a small face, so many sunglasses don’t work for me with my helmet. The small size glasses do work.


Exceeded Expectations


The glasses perform as described by TriEye. After a trial & error adjustment of the mirror, I have very good view behind me with a very slight turn of the head to the left. For commuters, it may be an issue if you have a backpack. My stance is between upright and leaning forward. For reference, I have a "fitness" bike which is almost road geometry with flat bar, Canyon Roadlite CF 9 LTD. The glasses really make me feel way more comfortable when I am on the road.

Three weeks with TriEye

I've used rear view mirrors hung on the temple of my sunglasses on and off for thirty years, but with the development of limited mobility in my neck their use has become mandatory.. My riding is 100% on the road during day time on both the city and on country roads. The problems with rear view mirrors hung on the temples of sunglasses are(1) there is always the sensation that there is something to left which is constricting the view (2) riding East into early morning sun, if the sun is at the 10:00 - 11:00 position, you can be blinded by the sun when you try to look into the mirror. Neither of these situations arise with the TriEye. There are short learning curves to learn to briefly twist your neck when you want to use the mirror, and to adjust the mirror to how you hold your head when you ride..The weight of the mirror is negligible and does not cause the sunglasses to rotate while riding.

Really great idea and execution

Really like these glasses! I've been looking for a way to use a mirror when cycling on the road, and because I have a couple of different bikes I didn't want one that mounted on my handlebars, and thought it best not to use one that clips onto my helmet/glasses because I just know I'll forget it/lose it/break it. I always wear glasses, so these are always with me no matter which bike I'm riding. Very easy to use, I sometimes adjust the mirror on the fly depending what I'm wearing (hood/snood/balaclava/helmet) and I can see past it all with no trouble by just angling the mirror out a touch more.

And yes just in case you're one of those people, they're entirely useable on a unicycle!

Transitional lense

Best mirror and glasses I have ever owned. Easy to adjust and confortable to wear.

Quite nice

Excellent review field of view, minimal intrusion onto forward view. Stable. Quick to learn the head motion required to see traffic (or race competitors or even lagging dogs ona walk) behind. Lens sharpness is very good - comparable to my much more expensive Oakley Prizm's. Durability in routine use seems good. Haven't yet tested in face first crash.

Glad I bought them.

The Photochromatic glasses definitely darkened when the sun came out. The right side was great. The left side took some getting used to. I would still turn look over my shoulder but the mirrors were good if I was just cruising. Glad I bought them.

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fernando orozco (Ciudad Juárez, MX)
They are great

I am very happy

Amazing for rowing!

TriEye was recommended to me by 2 extremely experienced sprint and head racers. A slight head turn to locate a bow ball and look ahead on either side helps navigation through race courses, bridges, and away from pilings, markers, and boats.

Mirrors on both sides are low in my field of view and do not block as larger mirrors do. The range of adjustment allows my head level for unrestricted breathing. The Photochromatic lens provides a clear view in low light and the tint works well in direct sunlight. I can wear them bicycling in the dark to the boat house and as the sun rises on the water. Small mirrors reduce blinding in direct sunlight or reflection. I can see details such as PVC markers and crab trap buoys easily.

These glasses will greatly increase safety with field of view and improve my rowing skills by not rocking the boat with forward looks allowing me to concentrate on technique and speed.

Have a good row, David


It's pretty quick to get used to the mirror, it's an invaluable safety addition to my rides, I wouldn't go out without them!


I ride Pacific Coast Highway a few times a week. There’s no safer way to navigate the traffic than these glasses! I don’t have to look back any longer. Highly recommend!

Love it

Wasn’t sure about these glasses but they’ve exceeded my expectations. Just needed to adjust the angle on the mirror and a little getting used to tilting your head a bit, and they work great, look stylish and unassuming and most importantly it now feels safe to be on the road with cars. Priceless!!

Best cycling product I have purchased

I have various sunglasses for cycling, but TriEye has retired all of them for cycling. The fact that with a glance I can see what is coming up behind me gives me more confidence to share the road with cars. I like the fact I don't have to periodically turn around and briefly lose what is in front of me or steer off my line is fantastic. This product contributes to safety in a big way. I can now prepare myself for a car or truck coming up behind me and hug the shoulder more, no more surprises even from idiots who want to try and startle you or even a dog with its face out the window. Love it, I most likely will purchase another one.

I have always looked for sunglass mirror for while riding a bike, but never anticipated that a pair of sunglasses with the mirror built into the sunglass would be available. I used the TriEye for the first time yesterday, and absolutely love them. It is very convenient, highly adjustable, and easy to use this option for a mirror.

Great fit

Great fit, looking forward to using them on the road, too cold yet

As advertised

The glasses are exactly as advertised. It takes some getting used to but its a game changer 😎

New user

I am used to wearing mirrors attached to sunglasses. I prefer the TriEye. It took some time to get it adjusted right. With the attached mirror your line of site is blocked - not so with TriEye. However, you do have to move your head more with TriEye. Overall, I will go with TriEye. Better line of site; less likely to break compared to the sunglasses mounted ( 2-3 sets per year) and once tuned, rear vision is just as good.

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stephen robertson (St. Petersburg, US)
Great glasses

The glasses are perfect takes a little time to adjust to where you want the mirror ,But the mirror is perfect you get a great view for a long way back on traffic coming up ,Also you can keep an eye on who is on your wheel when racing,These work perfect worth the money and ships fast to the usa


I’ve been using my recently acquired TriEye glasses. They give me a good view of what’s behind and, surprisingly, are easy to adjust and to use. I have had fusion surgery on a couple of my neck vertabrae and have some limits on turning my head. The glasses give me a good view and a safer ride.

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Tyler Anderson (St. George, US)
The Perfect Solution

The mirror works perfectly. Glasses are very comfortable. I can't recommend these highly enough.