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Ride with confidence

TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.

Look at the traffic behind you with Trieye. View sport revo glass with integrated mirror. Picture

How to adjust and use TriEye eyewear


Put on on the TriEye eyewear and turn your head 10 – 15 degrees to the side with the mirror. Adjust the mirror by using your fingers.


After the first adjustment, you should see a fraction of your cheek and the top of your shoulder in the mirror. Bike carefully while optimizing your rear view.


Expect 2-3 rides to get used to your increased view and the mirror. As you get used to the mirror and rear view, you will never bike without.


TriEye View

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

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Premium Parts

The new TriEye VIEW models are crafted with premium materials including TR90 in the frame, which is an incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable material. The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected, scratch- and impact resistant.

The story about TriEye

The family and I was cycling in the Norwegian mountains and my son crashed into me from behind. Just like that, the idea to integrate a mirror into my eyewear started.

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For different activites

Most of us have more than one athletic endeavor that we fall into. We at TriEye are passionate cyclists but TriEye can be used at any sport that requires forward attention and at the same time can benefit from rear visibility.

Based on 142 reviews
TriEye for the win again!!!

Just got the Photochromatic glasses!! Love these too ... I'm so bullish on these glasses, I've sold more than 10 pairs!!! They need to make me an Ambassador!!!!

View Sport Photochromatic - Cycling Glasses with Mirror

Superb glasses

Great glasses, don't fog up, clarity, comfortable, rear mirror is ok to see behind for cars, I had a larger one which gave a better view, but this integrated version is much easier day to day and once you get used to turning your head a little, works very well. Life saver

Love them!.

I own 2 pair. Finally found the exact combination of sunglasses and mirror.
The view finding to the rear is perfect and no fiddling or vibration while riding. I’ve owned 3 different style helmet mirrors and one that attaches to glasses and as far as I’m concerned the fiddling and constant adjustment is not worth the aggravation.

I highly recommend these glasses. Nice job to the company for the effort put in to this design.


Mark E. Loring

Works as intended

These glasses give me a great way to see behind me as well as in front. It’s like a rear view mirror for my bike it works very well and I am very happy to be using this for my future bike rides.

Fantastic Glasses

These glasses are amazing. Just had my first 50 km trip and I haven't felt more secure and relaxed before, knowing what is behind me at all time.


The cycling glasses with mirror is very awesome!

Repeat Customer

I've used TriEye since it's launch. I can't imagine cycling without a pair on. I even wear them when on a lonely trail to keep an on my "backdoor".

2nd and 3rd pair

Great, love them all. was able to use the clear pair as the day ended and the dark came quick. will definitely recommend these to anyone

Product of the year

I have three generations of these glasses and each one is a massive improvement over the last. Easy to use and great lenses to boot. I don’t know why e erroneously doesn’t use these for safety.

Buon prodotto

Usati ancora poco ma inizio ad abituarmi. Non si può pretendere la visione come da uno specchietto di un auto ma aiuto molto, evita di far girare completamente la testa.

TriEye Customer Service is Awesome!!!

If I had more than two thumbs up they would have them all!!!

Thanks Camilla!!!

Nice comfortable sunglasses

Very short learning curve for viewing through the mirror, easy attachment of the clip on frame for prescription lens

An absolute must for road cyclists

The TriEye glasses provide an extra measure of safety for road cyclists by providing a clear view of traffic approaching from the rear. Well designed and durable.

Discrete Safety

I’m loving these glasses! Rather than an armature with a mirror on the end- that is always awkward to carry when I remove my helmet at a coffee-stop or doing errands, these shades hold a small, almost hidden mirror.

My only (small) complaint, is that the mirror is quite low on my face given the lens style. A slimmer lens would bring the mirror up. I also like that once the mirror is set, you can forget about it. It tends not to get accidentally moved.

Exceeded our expectations!

My wife and I ride/race a tandem bicycle. Your glasses greatly enhance our experience and safety when cycling with traffic!

Better than expected

It takes a couple of days to get used to the glasses but afterwards it becomes very natural to have a quick look behind. The quality is excellent. Absolutely worth it.

TriEye Sport Revo Max

Definite learning curve for those who have never worn a rearview mirror device. With that said, love them, great clarity, adjustability, fit well to the face no fogging when overheated. Worth the price imo. Great customer Service as well!

I cannot see over your left shoulder

Terrible must keep adjusting is not worth the price does not work good at all waste of money

View Sport Dual

Outstanding product. Fits better than any sport glasses I’ve ever worn. Extremely useful when running on roads with no shoulders, when you need to see what’s coming up behind you and get out of the way.

Great innovation

Bike mirror was always a problem for me, trieye solved it for good.

The quality is great, i recommend

New Glasses

This is my second pair and they make me feel safe.

Great coverage without the hassle

I just bought my second pair of these. I really like the convenience of them versus using a separate mirror and having to attach it each time I ride. I have the same coverage as before with these glasses so I can have a clear visual of what is coming up from behind.

Great coverage without the hassle

I just bought my second pair of these. I really like the convenience of them versus using a separate mirror and having to attach it each time I ride. I have the same coverage as before with these glasses so I can have a clear visual of what is coming up from behind.

Good color

Needs to be a little bigger.