A Game Changer


Ride with Confidence

TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.

The most dangerous thing you can do is look over your shoulder. In doing so, you put yourself at risk in two ways. First, you take your eyes off the road ahead of you. Second, typically, people turn their handlebars slightly in the direction that they look. This small shift can cause your bike to veer directly into the line of passing cars, putting you in even greater danger.


TriEye View

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

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Most of us have more than one athletic endeavor that we fall into. We at TriEye are passionate cyclists but TriEye can be used at any sport that requires forward attention and at the same time can benefit from rear visibility.