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TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.

Look at the traffic behind you with Trieye. View sport revo glass with integrated mirror. Picture

How to adjust and use TriEye eyewear


Put on on the TriEye eyewear and turn your head 10 – 15 degrees to the side with the mirror. Adjust the mirror by using your fingers.


After the first adjustment, you should see a fraction of your cheek and the top of your shoulder in the mirror. Bike carefully while optimizing your rear view.


Expect 2-3 rides to get used to your increased view and the mirror. As you get used to the mirror and rear view, you will never bike without.


TriEye View

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

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Premium Parts

The new TriEye VIEW models are crafted with premium materials including TR90 in the frame, which is an incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable material. The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected, scratch- and impact resistant.

The story about TriEye

The family and I was cycling in the Norwegian mountains and my son crashed into me from behind. Just like that, the idea to integrate a mirror into my eyewear started.

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For different activites

Most of us have more than one athletic endeavor that we fall into. We at TriEye are passionate cyclists but TriEye can be used at any sport that requires forward attention and at the same time can benefit from rear visibility.

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Great products ❤️

Don't forget Rowers!!

Tri-Eye view sport Dual glasses with mirrors on both sides has been a gift to rowing (especially those of us with aging necks.
Please offer your great new options and innovations in dual models with bilateral mirrors. Besides, bicyclists would be ready for international trips and one-way roads!

View Sport Standard - Cycling Glasses with Mirror

Great, could be even better

Dual mirror works well for rowing. The addition of a polarised lense would make them excellent. Cutting down the glare off of the water would be a massive improvement.


Amazing product

I took my first ride of the season to help fight kids cancer and trieye stepped up huge and gave me this amazing product with a generous discount. These glasses are a great idea for any serious biker. I'm gonna get the clear lens for work. I do a lot of backing up with no mirrors so this will help with the blind spots. 5 star product. I definitely recommend getting a pair

Need to get used to them

Glasses are great, I got the inset, but it is hard to remove to clean. I do like them and I hope I figure out how to clean them. Other than that, they work great.

Fantastic glasses

One of the best purchases made. Easy to use and great clarity in the lenses.

Wow amazing

One of the best pieces of bicycle equipments I have ever bought. I have problems with my neck twisting far enough over my shoulder to see what's beside me or towards the back. I have to twist my whole body to see. I've tried other mirrors but nothing works like this, thing are clear and discernible. I can't thank you enough. This is the first time I've ever written a review. amazing, thank you,

Great Bike Gadget

Two occasions give rise for need. First, when I lead a group. Never lose people when you can constantly check how others are doing. Sevond, big event rides. When I ride with 20K to 60K of my closest friends, I have to be alert about who is around. The mirror, which takes time to adjust to, is now my best friend.

The Only Glasses I use Period

These are the only glasses I will use, having that mirror 🪞 is a godsend Thank you 🙏 for creating these amazing glasses

The Mirror takes time to adjust to.

The mirror is surprisingly clear. I just have to get it adjusted properly as it was my first ride with it today.
What I will say it that they stay clear and sweat free even here is humid Thailand. Very impressed.

First pair

I found the optical quality of the glasses to be great. Among the best I have worn. The size is great for me as the coverage helped keep my eyes from getting too dry. I did have some troubles with adjusting the mirror. I wear full finger gloves and kind of clumsy or in the way when adjusting the mirror. I also found the mirror moves with hard bounces and gets out of adjustment. Overall I love the optics and hope to figure a way to improve my mirror experience. Would still buy them again.


I was addicted to the clip on sunglasses mirror style I used for many years. So much useful and safer. I lost them, so I finally had the chance to give a shot to those TriEye viewsport photochromatic. Sincerely I couldn't be happier. I like the style, how they hold steadyly while riding and the mirror simply does it job how it's supposed to be. A small head tilt and you see clearly behind you. I hesitated about the sizing. As I'm not a fan of the full face style and as I have a long thin face, I chose the small and I find them perfect. The only minor request would be the photochromatic to be a tiny bit darker under big sun, but it's still alright in those situations. In brief...great job and I'm happy I lost my previous beloved sunglasses! And I'm not paid for this review!!

I love these!

My only complaint is that they don’t get to dark in the sunshine.

New glasses

Really like these glasses for bike riding.

Very useful product in the real world

I've really enjoyed these glasses. They do two things well: First, they provide protection against debris hitting your eyes, and second, the mirror allows you a quick glimpse of what's behind you. I was able to adjust the mirror with minimal effort, and with a little practice was perfecting my "look" head tilt to see what was behind me. I think the glasses are good looking and feel high quality. I appreciated the packaging. I would describe it as thoughtful, especially since this company isn't in the big leagues as some of the competition. Lastly, I was happy to see replacement parts are easily orderable. So, when something inevitably breaks, I'm not through away a chunk of cash.

Game changer!

I borrowed a friends pair of Hindsight glasses which were okay and did a job for me when sculling. I couldn't fully get on with them for a couple of reasons. First, the mirrors are fixed. Second, I really struggled to see beyond the mirrors when I did need to turn around for a 'proper' look. Consequently, I invested in the Trieye dual photochromic glasses instead. I'm really pleased I did. I love them. They have all the advantages of the mirrors which are fully adjustable, clear and easy to use, without any of the problems I found with their competitor.

Wouldn't think of riding without my TriEye glasses

Over the past few years I've purchased several TriEye glasses. They are, in my estimation, by far the best rearview accessory for cyclists.

Can see behind me

I use the rowing glasses for cycling because I can see on both sides. I’m still getting used to the right-hand side but the left works great. I can see as well as I did with a mirror attached to my helmet. You must be careful when cleaning the glasses as it’s easy to mess the adjustment of the mirrors.

I love them

It took me about 4 rides to get used to the mirror (I usually ride with a mirror clipped to my glasses, and the angle of view is different) but once I got used to it, I love them (I even bought an additional lens so that I can wear them as the days get shorter and gloomier). I don't have to adjust my mirror every time I put my glasses on or worry about accidentally knocking it out of position, and the blind spot from this mirror is much smaller than the one from my more traditional mirror. I'm very happy with my View Sport glasses!

Complete game changer for road cycling. I refuse to ride without these glasses now and have bought two pairs.

Good product but not as good as hoped.

I have been using these glasses for a couple of months now and am still getting used to them. Going from using a helmet mirror to these glasses has been more complicated for me than expected. I have to move my head more than before to get the road behind me into view more which takes away more of my peripheral vision of where I am on the road, whereas before I could just move my eyes to glance in the helmet mirror.

I find that the mirror is more stable than the previous one, so I don't have to keep adjusting the mirror due to movement of the helmet or the mirror itself due to vibration.

The glasses are well made, very solid and so far, have not slipped on my nose due sweat or vibrations. I still need to see if they will keep from fogging in colder weather which is still a few months away. The straight earpieces have caused a minor issue hitting on my helmet, but I have been able deal with it. Maybe a slight curve at the end would be better or a shorter earpiece.

All in all, I am pleased with the product and will continue to make use of it.

Worth it!!

Took about 20 mns to get used to and now I depend on them !!

Perfect Fit, A Third Eye for Sure

I feel more confident riding, now that I can see behind me without turning my head and losing balance. I still consider myself a novice rider, and it helps to see what comes up behind me and safely. Also, I don’t have to switch between glasses since it transitions based on daylight. This is an excellent investment.