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Ride with confidence

TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.

Look at the traffic behind you with Trieye. View sport revo glass with integrated mirror. Picture

How to adjust and use TriEye eyewear


Put on on the TriEye eyewear and turn your head 10 – 15 degrees to the side with the mirror. Adjust the mirror by using your fingers.


After the first adjustment, you should see a fraction of your cheek and the top of your shoulder in the mirror. Bike carefully while optimizing your rear view.


Expect 2-3 rides to get used to your increased view and the mirror. As you get used to the mirror and rear view, you will never bike without.


TriEye View

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

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Premium Parts

The new TriEye VIEW models are crafted with premium materials including TR90 in the frame, which is an incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable material. The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected, scratch- and impact resistant.

The story about TriEye

The family and I was cycling in the Norwegian mountains and my son crashed into me from behind. Just like that, the idea to integrate a mirror into my eyewear started.

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For different activites

Most of us have more than one athletic endeavor that we fall into. We at TriEye are passionate cyclists but TriEye can be used at any sport that requires forward attention and at the same time can benefit from rear visibility.

Based on 287 reviews
Excellent vision

With these goggles you go with extra safety. A great option

Great cycling glasses with mirror….

The mirror is crystal clear …. Not much to adjust if you follow the directions… it took me about TWO minutes to get used to it … yes.. these are great !!!!

This is the way to go

Comfortable and good rear view

Nearly Perfect

These are as close to perfect a pair of cycling glasses as you’re gonna get. Broad coverage with nice flush facial fit to protect from flying dust or debris (and of course: light). The grey tint is just right: protective but still plenty bright, and the lenses themselves are very clear and seem high quality. Also the ear pieces have a nice taper so you can slide them on even when wearing a helmet. As for the mirror: well, it’s ingenious and it works… but the tiny size and finicky adjustment take some getting used to. Rear vision with these glasses isn’t great- you just get a tiny glimpse of what’s back there- but it’s a step up from none. So, like I said: nearly perfect!

Ride in style

Totally enjoying my glasses very stylish and great clarity both the lens and mirror

Photochromatic Cycling Glasses with Mirror

Fit and coverage are good. The photochromatic lenses can darken unevenly causing small shadows.

View Sport Photochromatic - Cycling Glasses with Mirror

Mirror height

I wish the mirror was a little higher on the left side of lens.

Impressed from the First Ride

I ride alone quite often and this is a fantastic tool to help keep an eye on what's behind me. The glasses themselves are quite comfortable and effective, and the position of the mirror is perfect because it doesn't obstruct my view when looking ahead. A slight turn of the head I can check out what's happening behind me with wonderful clarity. The only problem is I'm not sure what to do with my other pairs of cycling glass now.

Won’t ride without them

What are great pair of glasses. The mirror affords me an extra level of safety. The optics seem to be as good as my oakleys. My wife just bought a pair and several of my cycling buddies have done the same. Much better than standalone mirror!


The rear view mirror is tucked away nicely and not bulky like other mirrors one has to attach. I brought my first pair and it took a few rides to get used to. But once I did adjust to them I brought a second pair. I have several other riding glasses that now sit on the shelve collecting dust. I won’t ride without them. An absolute must for cyclist. Highly recommend them.

Brilliant Product

What a life saving invention! Photo chromatic sunglasses with a built in rear view mirror for bicycle riders sharing the road with cars and trucks approaching from behind!

Review mirror

I am getting old (70) and stiff. The glass are allowing me to check for traffic without turning around. They require a little effort to adjust, but well worth the effort.

Wonderful glasses

I used the TriEye glasses during my last two rides and they are wonderful. I love the mirror on them; unecumbered and comfortable.


I am very impressed with the quality and clarity of the mirror. Also I feel safer while riding, plus I used them while running.

Nail your turns!

I moved from a traditional mirror to the Sport Dual in September. I recently used them in the Head of the Charles regatta and I was able to cut every turn with precision. If you row with a mirror now moving to these is very easy. No fog, comfortable, and very light. They stay in place. I recommend the size medium for most rowers unless you have a really small head.

Just bought my second pair

I initially bought a View Sport Standard with the "smoke" lens and loved it! But unfortunately lost it. Because I'm cycling more and more in the evening and early morning, I decided to go with the photochromatic lens this time and it's been truly game-changing! The safety the glasses offer which I got to rely on on every ride now extends to riding in the dark. Five Stars!

New perspective

I used a bicycle mirror while rowing for some years. I tried the TriEye product at the urging of a friend. Because the perspective of the TriEye is very different from the previous solution, it took me a number of rows to become comfortable with the Sport Dual glasses. Hoever, now that I have become acclimatised to the TriEye, I can recommend them without hesitation.Also, the photocromatic feature and the comfort are both extremely useful in my opinion.

Exactly what I was hoping for

Don’t believe the reviews about being difficult to get used to. If you can’t figure out how to adjust them to your riding position I would say you have no business operating a bike either. It took me like 5 min to figure it out. I will be buying more of these for different seasons.

There perfect!

They do exactly what I want them to do, with the slightest movement of my eye.

Dual Blue Revo Max

Exec. Summary: Whether single or dual, do yourself a favour, and get one.

I generally ride on city & country roads (usually 2 lane, minimum - or no shoulder, with moderate to busy traffic). Around where I live, cars & trucks tend to ignore the speed limits, and with each approaching vehicle from behind, I used to have chills running down my spine. Yes, I was doing the over/under shoulder checks, but as you know, those are just "snapshots" - the vehicle might swerve right - left, speed up, etc. the moment you look away. So I got a Garmin Varia Radar, to have some peace of mind. Now I could see when a vehicle was approaching, and how fast it was relative to me. But I still lacked major info: Was it a car - a truck, was it going to pass me very closely, would there be enough room for me to escape right, were there other vehicles just behind it (a couple of times, very close travelling cars registered as one car in my radar). Then I found about Trieye.
From the first couple of meters of my first ride with it, I was blown away by the practicality and simpleness of the (left side, single) mirror. There it was, just like the field of vision of a car's side mirrors, I was able to see what was going on behind me. Garmin was "beeping", and with a simple head move, I could see what was coming, and could position myself accordingly. Since that day, I never left for a ride without Trieye. The left sided single mirror gives a lot of info, but at some fast right turning descents, it gives you only limited vision due to the curvature. I was thinking - if there was another mirror on the right side, this issue could be mitigated - and then dual sided lenses came out. I immediately got one, and have no regrets at all, now having full view of my back, either on straight roads, or curvy roads.
Some friends asked me if the mirrors interfered with the front field of vision - answer is, 98% of the time, no. For the remaining 2%, it is not the front end vision, but, a small section of the left & right - bottom parts, which you can easily cover with a simple move of your head. So yes, I absolutely recommend them.


Took some getting used to but the mirror works perfect. Light and quality built.

The mirror takes some getting used to and a bit of experimentation to adjust correctly. Optical quality of the lenses is very high.

Awesome for biking!

Love these glasses. Once you get the mirrors adjusted properly, a little turn and you have an excellent view behind you. Bought the dual mirror version and very happy with purchase.

Nice option

These glasses have worked out to be better than I expected. When I first got them, they seemed a bit difficult to dial in as far as the angles of the mirror. Once I figured out where I needed it to be, they are actually a very nice option for an older guy who doesn't have the neck mobility to look back that he used to. Recommended.