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Discover our specialized eyewear with integrated mirror for cyclists, runners, and cross-country users! Our patented technology features a strategically placed mirror in the lower corner of the lens, allowing you to see behind you with just a simple tilt of your head.

Our unique mirror is carefully crafted to optimize the size, shape, and angle/distance between your eye and the mirror, ensuring you have an optimized rear view that doesn't compromise your vision.

We know how important style and quality are to you, so we've crafted TriEye VIEW with only premium parts to create a modern eyewear experience that's both functional and fashionable.

Choose from our selection of lenses to match your specific needs, and experience the ultimate cycling glasses that will take your ride to the next level. Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why TriEye VIEW is the must-have accessory for every cyclist.

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Yes, we provide options for both left-side and right-side mirrors. You can select your preferred configuration on the product page.

Additionally, we offer a dual-mirror option, ideal for rowers or other sports requiring maximum visibility. You find these in the rowing section

The prescription insert frame is designed to be compatible with our TriEye.You can replace the standard nosepad on your regular eyeglasses with a nosepad that has the insert frame attached. To obtain the correct prescription lenses for the insert frame, you need to visit your local optical or eye care professional. You find the product here

TriEye VIEW comes in two sizes, medium and small. The lens is a rather big panoramic lens which looks good on an average adult face, and to big on a small adult face. For that reason you can choose between the two sizes and there is a big overlap where both small and medium will fit well.

As a general role, medium size will fit all adult males with an average head/face size. Medium will also fit most females with an average head/face size but for most females small size is also an alternative.

If you have a head/face significantly smaller than average, small size is the safest choice. Note that the size of the lens also decide the angle between your eye and the mirror.

Sport View Photochromatic

Our Photochromatic lenses are designed to adapt to changing light conditions.

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Our Revo Max lens has a rich and deep colour of the lens enhances your vision and makes your surroundings look vibrant and dynamic.

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Our classic bestseller eyewear for all weather. The Polycarbonate lenses comes in Smoke, Clear and Yellow are lightweight and scratch-resistant.

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