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Trieye concept

The TriEye concept is a mirror housing integrated into a sport eyewear lens, with a mirror placed inside the mirror housing.The mirror housing is placed in the lower corner of the lens enable free sight forward over the mirror housing. At the same time the mirror housing is placed so that you easily can look into the mirror housing and the mirror by slightly moving your eye down and sideways.

The mirror is placed on a ball head and can be adjusted in any direction so that you always find the optimal rearview, independent of your riding position on your bike, e-scooter etc. The mirror is small but since it is so close to your eye it is big enough to the a good rearview, when correct adjusted. TriEye is patented in USA and Europe with a patent still pending in Asia.

Trieye Story

Have you ever been cycling on the road and got nervous, or even scared, when you hear a car, bus, or truck rumbling toward you from behind? Do they see me? Is the driver looking at their phone? Are they paying attention to the road...and you? Or, during a ride with others, do you wonder whether they are still safely behind you, or have they dropped back? In either case, what do you do?

The most dangerous thing you can do is take your eyes off the road and look over your shoulder. Typically, people turn their handlebars slightly in the direction that they look. This slight shift can cause your bike to veer directly into the line of passing cars, putting you in even greater danger.

I was out biking with my family on the dusty roads in the Norwegian mountains when I was hit from behind by my son. I must admit that I was partly to blame. I did not expect him to be only one meter behind me on this dusty but still high-speed road, so when I hit my breaks, he crashed into me. I would have seen him if I had mirror on my bike and instantly, still lying bleeding in the road, I got the idea to integrate a mirror into my eyewear. Would it work? That was the key question.

We started to develop the idea about an integrated mirror in the glasses back in 2016.

I am blessed with 3 smart children that gradually took part in the product development, production, and the sales/marketing. In the spring of 2018, after the patent process was finalized, we successfully launched our first model at Kickstarter. Later in the year we launched TriEye at Eurobike in Germany, the biggest bike exhibition in the world. Our travel budget was limited, two tents at the local camp in Friedrichshafen, great memories, and we won. Public choice as best start-up.

Eurobike 2018 - Michael and Camilla at our first booth
ISPO 2019 - Gold Winner

2020/21 has been a difficult period for the world. At TriEye, we spent the time well and made good progress. We got a professional investor on board for the first time and designed a new model from scratch. We are pretty proud of the new TriEye VIEW that we launched in late 2021 and we look forward to establishing a solid distribution in 2022.

The third generation TriEye, the VIEW, is now on the market. Optimized in to increase safety for all road cyclists, the Trieye VIEW can also be used with e-bikes, e-scooters, inline skates, or whatever you do when you share the road with motorized vehicles. Safe, comfortable, fashionable, and high quality, the Trieye VIEW is the cycling game-changer every recreational and serious cyclist needs to ride on the road with confidence and peace of mind.

Carsten Juell Fongen

Our Original glasses (1. gen.)

Trieye Vision

The first generation TriEye launched at Kickstarter and Eurobike in 2018. Was awarded the Public award at Eurobike.

With feedback we evolved (2. gen.)

Trieye Sport

The second generation TriEye was launched at ISPO in 2019 where TriEye was awarded the Gold Award.

Experience starts to show

Trieye View

Our task was to optimise both forward and rear view, and at the same time have a major focus on design.

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