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Reduce glare from the water



Designed with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, providing a clear view behind without shifting focus from the road ahead.

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Just like mastering any new skill, your body needs time to adapt. The same goes for Trieye Eyewear! Dive into our video and guide to discover the secrets of adjusting your glasses for the perfect fit.

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Just a family business

the concept and story of trieye

Riding in the Norwegian mountains, my family and I cycled when my son crashed into me from behind. Like lightning, the thought to add a mirror to my eyewear ignited.

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Great for peace of mind and safety!

I have tried several types of "rear view mirrors" in the past and stopped using them all for one reason or another. The TriEye is superior to anything I have tried in the past. The glasses fit well and are comfortable and functional. The mirror works great and allows me to see cars or other bikers that are behind me and/or about to pass. I no longer have to turn my head around, which is very unsafe. The photochromic lenses work well and adjust quickly to changing conditions. All in all, a great product that does exactly what it promises.

Perfect Glasses

Crystal clear mirror, no vibration, photo gradient lenses work perfectly in the high altitude mountain sun.

A Great Innovation

I've tried lots of add-on mirrors and they were always a pain. The TriEye mirror is easy to adjust and stays out of the way. The photochromatic lens adjusts quickly and works well. Thanks for the military discount.

View Sport Photochromatic - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
Erwin Edillon - (Atlanta, US)
Tri Eye glasses review

I’m on my second pair of these. I was skeptical at first but after using it I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to regular glasses. The bigger ones work better for my head size, although the smaller ones look better. They are very lightweight and the photochromic lenses work well. YouTube video placeholder
View Sport Revo Max - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
Love um

Don’t ride without them. Like the larger mirror compared to the original ones.


Lot better mirror on new pair

View Sport Revo Max - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
William Faulkner (West Lebanon, US)
Great glasses!

As an older person, I find turning my head to see traffic more difficult and when I turn back, I'm going in the wrong direction. The small mirror gives me quickly the information I need in order to plan what I do next without requiring much of a turn of the head. Yes, like anything else, it takes a bit of getting used to. The mirror is unobtrusive and the glasses fit well, are comfortable, and shield the eyes from wind and sun. I'd buy these again!


Very nice clean concept. Mirror is very clear and adjustable. Works good when riding in an upright position. Due to mirror being low in lens, vision is inhibited when in more aero position.

Really impressed with the glasses. Definitely better than all the mirror systems I’ve tried and discarded

View Sport Standard - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
Michael Antonoplis (Van Nuys, US)
Mike Antonoplis' Review

Tri-Eye is the only cycling rear view mirror that has worked for me. Mirrors that extend from the helmet vibrate. I break the mirrors that attach to sunglasses. Once the "head tilt" is perfected, it takes but a second to check traffic. The vision is clear because there's no vibration. Great!

Lens Photochromatic - View Sport
Elaine Griffin (Greensboro, US)
Great glasses!!

I really love these glasses - the rearview mirror is easy to adjust and with a little practice, has been super effective at showing me what's behind! The photochromatic lenses are amazingly quick to adjust, both for light and for dark. I bought 2 pairs!

View Sport Revo Max - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
jack Gasowski (Chagrin Falls, US)
Well made

Used it on two rides so far and I concur with most reviews. It takes a little bit to get used but with minor adjustments works great . Love the Revo lens

Love the fit and quality

Very well made, feels like a premium, quality product. Works as advertised, really like it.

View Sport Standard - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
Larry Oswalt (Sand Springs, US)
Works great

I have used these for a week now. I have no issues seeing forwards or behind me. I feel much safer using them.

Met All of My Expectations

I am very pleased with my new View Sport Photochromatic - Cycling Glasses! The mirror works great and is very clear. Still working at adjusting the nose piece for fit and comfort. Great product!

View Air - Revo Max Blue
Divino (Orange, US)

Quality and looks are really good, helps me a lot while riding. 👍🏻👍🏻

protected mirrors

The great advantage of these glasses is that the mirrors are protected from being displaced by wind or accidental bumping. The trade off is that you have to turn your head a small angle to get the same view as with the outside mirror. The way that I have them initially set, I need to turn my head to the left the same as if I were going to look directly at the brake hoods. It is not hard to adjust to that amount of turn. It might be an ongoing debate about which one prefers, but I am certain at this point that I will be opting for these over the outside mirrors. I bought these for rowing, but haven't been out on the water yet this year, and have only used them for cycling. I think they will be rated even higher for rowing since I used to use the outside bicycling mirror on the left for rowing. This double sided mirror will be great for rowing!

View Air - Revo Red Max Cycling Glasses with Mirror
marilyn anthony (Wallingford, US)
These are the bomb!

I’ve worn a helmet mirror and it worked fine..I looked goofy. But these glasses are spectacular! I was able to dial in my view pretty quickly. I was a little concerned the red lense was gonna be too dark on cloudy days but that wasn’t the case at all. I’ve worn them road cycling, gravel riding and mountain biking. I’ve even worn them walking the dog cuz I just like to know what’s going on behind me. I feel less vulnerable that way. I purchased the small frame and I think they look great!

View Sport Standard - Cycling Glasses with Mirror

After a hand full of rides, so far so good

As mentioned in many other reviews, it does take some time to get used to and optimally adjusted. Since the mirror is much closer to your eye, it does provide a much clearer view behind you than my previous bar end mounted mirror. However, being a small mirror on the glasses makes it sensitive to your head movement and positioning. That has been my biggest adjustment factor. There is no single mirror position adjustment that is optimal for the different positions on the bike. I have my mirror pretty dialed in for when I am on the hoods since that is the position I am in a majority of the time. When in the drops however, your head is angled down slightly so you just see the sky in the mirror. You have to raise your head intently to glance behind you.

To me they aren't the most stylish glasses, but I am more interested in the vision they provide than how I look.

The glasses are of high quality. I got the Black Smoke High Contrast lens (which I think just means Polarized) and the view through them is vivid.

Overall I like the glasses, they provide a better view behind me than the bar end mirror I had previously.

View Sport Standard - Cycling Glasses with Mirror
Alen Derpetrossian (Los Angeles, US)
Excellent game changer for safety

It’s very good product but you do need to constantly adjust to get to optimal angle every cyclist pro or amateur should have one of these it will save your life haven’t dropped it yet I wonder how it will hold up


These are very good quality cycling glasses. In my experience, it does take time to acclimate to the mirror, adjusting etc. But I find it very usable. I have used no other mirror options. The chromatic lenses work well, and the design provides good ventilation-always a plus-and wind protection.

2019 model Experience

I have a pair of Trieye from 2019 which I bought for riding my bike, I must admit that I was just about to write to ask for a larger mirror and for options with wider size of the sunglasses as I experienced that my wife and myself have a different size needs which (in my case) provides less rear visibility with the mirror.
The quality of the sunglasses is very good. Please confirm if sizes are available.

Second Pair

This the second pair I've purchased. After wearing them for several rides, I'm in love with them.

TriEye great for scullers

As an aging rower who finds it increasingly difficult to turn my head, I've tried many different mirrors. TriEye glasses with transition lenses have been by far the best option. I'm especially impressed with the quality of the mirrors. Now I hope to row until I'm 100+.