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Feel safer on the road


Designed with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, providing a clear view behind without shifting focus from the road ahead.

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Just like mastering any new skill, your body needs time to adapt. The same goes for Trieye Eyewear! Dive into our video and guide to discover the secrets of adjusting your glasses for the perfect fit.

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Just a family business

the concept and story of trieye

Riding in the Norwegian mountains, my family and I cycled when my son crashed into me from behind. Like lightning, the thought to add a mirror to my eyewear ignited.

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Heel erg wennen

Inmiddels een paar keer gefietst met de bril. Dat lukt aardig.
Roeien lukt ook, maar aanleggen vind ik heel erg lastig met de bril. Het lukt me nog niet goed om de diepte in te schatten en dat is toch wel essentieel.
Dus nog niet uitbundig positief.

Second Pair - still great

I have been using TriEye for a year now and I love them so much that I bought a second pair in a new color to replace a standard pair I had. I never ride my bike without these!

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Game changer!

Wishing I had bought these years ago when I started cycling. Recommend 10/10 and have already shared with many friends!

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marilyn anthony (Wallingford, US)
Where have you been all my cycling life

I purchased my first pair this past May and wore them on a 7 day 545 mile charity bike ride. Holy cow, I felt so safe as did most of the people around me because I was able to call out when it was safe to pass and when to hold their line. So many cyclists asked to try my glasses on and took down your info. Did you have an uptick in sales in June? Any way, I just ordered and received the limited edition yellow glasses for mountain and gravel riding. I’ll keep you posted

A little more wide mirror needed

I've been using a bicycle rearview mirror to attach to my glasses until now. There was only one side, so I was worried about the back of one side of the other. I think the trieye for rowing with rearview mirrors on both sides this time is a good invention.
However, the size of the rearview mirror is small, the obstacles behind can not be clearly identified, and the sense of distance is still not clear. Also, if the glasses shift due to sweat, the field of vision will change, so it's better to have a glasses band to fix it. It's still used 3 times, but it's going to take a little more time to get used to it.

Even better!

Have had 4 pairs of TriEyes. This new design is even better. Mirror is so good. Have used TriEyes for probably 70000 miles- ultras 24 hr TT , training commuting. Lots of night riding. I add one stick on 2x bifocal lense so I can read and use computer etc. a must have riding in traffic.


It has been great. One added benefit is you can wear your cycling cap with the bill forward and it doesn't block your view of the rear view mirror. All in all it has been a good pair of glasses for my cycling. I do recommend

Love my Tryeyes

I use my glasses for biking and walking! Love the fact when I am walking in some remote areas I can see what’s behind me at all times!

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Juan Carlos De Pablos (Santa Rosa, AR)

Excelente producto de buena calidad y cumple ampliamente con el cometido, que es dar mayor seguridad al ciclista. Lo recomiendo ampliamente

Really like these

The glasses are as advertised, lightweight and good sunglasses. The mirror is easy to adjust. Now that I am used to them-- it does take a few rides, it's really easy to check what's behind with a quick glance. I'll definitely continue to use in the future. My only issue is once you take the glasses off it's easy to inadvertently move the mirror. But after a few tries it's easy to readjust before each ride

Safety first

I’ve used these glasses everyday since I received them. It took a couple of rides for me to adjust to them, but they are very helpful. I’m happy that I ordered them. Thanks.

Prescription insert frame
Klaus Sühling (Borken, DE)
Rückspiegel funktioniert sehr gut

Tolle Brille. Die Selbsttönung funktioniert gut. Mit dem Spiegel hat man eine gute Sicht nach hinten. ich habe einen Clip für Korrekturgläser hiermit bin ich nicht so zufrieden. Beim Rennrad fahren stört die obere Kante von dem BrillenClip und der Clip machte die Brille recht schwer, so dass diese auch schon mal nach vorne rutscht. Leider kann man die Bügel nicht so richtig anpassen damit die Brille nicht mehr rutscht. Ohne Clip klare Kaufempfehlung

Game Changer

Really feel like so many outdoor enthusiast could benefit from TriEye, not just cyclists! As a cyclist I do love being able to see clearly behind me with a single glance, It did take a couple of rides to get it down. On my local trail I see walkers, runners, roller bladders and think that they too would benefit from TriEye. I want for a walk and wore the sunglasses, I passed a man on an isolated part of the trail, certainly he was just out enjoying the day as I was but it was nice to at a glance in the rearview mirror confirm that he was strolling away from me without having to doing a full turn around. It is so important for everyone to be aware of their surrounds, TriEye really helps with that. Thank you for a great product!

Great sunglasses

These work great for seeing what is approaching from the rear both on bike trails and on the street. Excellent. Highly recommend.

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Charles Storm (Williamsport, US)

This thing is ACES ..slight turn left can see at least 1/4 mile behind me

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Neil O'Brien (West Lafayette, US)
Sport Standard

It definitely takes a few rides to get accustomed to using the mirror, but I really like these! It's a great concept, they seem to be manufactured well, and I feel much more safe knowing what's behind me when I ride. I like these a lot more than handlebar-mounted or helmet-mounted mirrors.

One of the best things I’ve ever purchased.

These are my second pair for my road bike. I don’t know how I lived without these. I can’t ride without them. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair. One of the best bicycling devices available.

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Joseph Lucas (Indianapolis, US)
Incredible. My second pair

Incredible. My second pair

Great idea but needs wider mirror.

Mirror need to be a little wider. Have trouble looking over my shoulder through the mirror and having to turn my head some to see side lane. I've tried adjusting it as much as possible but still can't see clearly.

Mirrored Cycling Glasses

I bought the small polarised glasses which are very light and comfortable. The mirror takes a bit of getting used to. You have to tilt your head slightly then you can see if there are any cars coming behind you. Saves you having to look over your shoulder when changing lanes. On approaching traffic lights I can just look in the mirror and move into the correct lane when clear. I like the polarised lenses as they adjust to the light and being in the UK it tends to be cloudy most of the time. Would definitely recommend.

Amazing addition to my road gesr

I am SO happy I bought these. I regularly ride my road bike in a tourist area where people park in the breakdown/bike lane and I have to pull in and out of traffic. Now, I can clearly see what’s happening behind me without turning my head and causing my bike to swerve. Once you get used to looking through the mirror (the instructional video helped), it becomes second nature, like a car mirror. I’m super happy with the look and the lens tint as well. This is a great product.

Great idea that works really well

I’ve been a helmet-mounted rear-view mirror user for years, but never liked the thing sticking up, even though it worked. I ran across these glasses (advert on Instagram) and decided to give them a try. Very effective! Super cool idea, well implemented, snd reasonably priced.

It Works!

Not everything functions as advertised. These glasses certainly do! It is a good idea that is well designed and constructed. The price is up to you, but it certainly works great!

All Is Good.

Purchased and very satisfied with results. You have to move head a bit to view rear, but lots more convenient that another mirror option