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Reduce glare from the water



Designed with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, providing a clear view behind without shifting focus from the road ahead.

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Just like mastering any new skill, your body needs time to adapt. The same goes for Trieye Eyewear! Dive into our video and guide to discover the secrets of adjusting your glasses for the perfect fit.

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Just a family business

the concept and story of trieye

Riding in the Norwegian mountains, my family and I cycled when my son crashed into me from behind. Like lightning, the thought to add a mirror to my eyewear ignited.

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All Is Good.

Purchased and very satisfied with results. You have to move head a bit to view rear, but lots more convenient that another mirror option

Better mirror

I’ve tried other mirrors but didn’t like the method of attachment or adjustability. The TriEye is works as promised. No attachment or adjustment issues. The lense is very clear. It’s also light. I would recommend TriEye if you want to use a mirror.

Better than expected!

Lightweight and very comfortable. Took only about an hour before I got used to the mirror adjustment. Very helpful seeing other cyclist behind me as well.

Great mirror, very stable and clear view

Great glasses, they take a bit to of practice for them to be automatic but a great pairing with a radar and by far the best mirror I’ve used. I only wish the photochromatic lenses got darker.

Awesome Cycling Glassses with Mirror

I love these cycling glasses!! What a great idea to incorporate the mirror in the lens. It only took the first mile to get used to them. It is so easy to see what is behind me now and without the shaking that happened with the mirror I used previously that was attached to my helmet. I barely turn my head so there is no more having to turn around and risk pulling the bike sideways. I recently participated in a ride where there were more than 600 cyclists. I never had a problem seeing the other cyclists behind me or the cars. I would HIGHLY recommend these glasses.


First, the lens is very sharp and clear. I was initially skeptical, but my friends loved it. I had tried one of those mirror’s on a thin wire, which attached to my glasses, which I couldn’t get used to. The mirror was easy to adjust, and I had no issues getting used to it. I highly recommend these. A quality item.

I’ve only used them to scull a couple of times. They’re better each time. They are very comfortable. I would like a little bigger mirrors but that might make them too bulky. Overall they’re great and very useful.

Much superior to any other rowing mirror I tried

Tried several, visor mounted mirrors over the years - none of them is as clear and with as wide a viewing field as the TriEye Dual. Took only a few rows to get used to them.

Well worth the investment

A good product that is well worth the investment. It may save me a lot of agitation on the road , both knowing where my riding mates are, and helping with oncoming cars. Much better than add on mirrors for sunglasses!

Love this

Amazing mirror tool to keep track of what’s behind me 5 stars!!


Mi sono trovato benissimo sia con il prodotto sia con il supporto clienti del quale ho avuto bisogno

Occhiali molto tecnici che ti permettono, oltre agli standard in vendita, anche una "PERSONALIZZAZIONE" (es. con sostituzione colori delle lenti, specchietti, ecc.)

io ho aggiunto per maggior sicurezza e un fissaggio ottimale, da usare anche in gara, un laccetto in silicone


Mirror Glasses for Rowing

Overall, I am very satisfied with the glasses. However, I do have one criticism: the mirrors get stuck in the mirror box, which prevents the mirror angle from being optimally adjusted. The view is angled a bit too steeply downward. As a result, you see a lot of water, but not enough of the horizon.

Good product. Tried handlebar attachments, glasses attachment, and helmet too. This works best. Shame price is so high. Most of the people I know would not spend $150 for this product

Great product

Product performs as advertised and the rear view is great. Just used my pair on Brag 2024 and after a few hrs just became normal to know what was going on behind me

Love them!

Great glasses. Plenty of of eye protection with nice red color. The integrated mirror works perfectly


I rode with the attached to helmet mirror for years. Saw these and thought I would give it a try. Blown away. I ride over 7000 miles a year and I’m hooked. Can’t ride without them. Heck, I don’t even like walking without them . They are a little pricey but compared to brand name sunglasses they are a steal. I’m glad here now because m buying a second pair. I ride in 2 states so I refuse to go without. Great clarity and squint free lenses .

Awesome glasses

I tend to ride a lot on back country roads, and these glasses are a game changer. I don’t have to worry about hooking something up to my helmet or handlebars. A quick glance to the side and I can see everything behind me. I highly recommend these!

Best Sunglass Mirror

Easy to adjust

Tri Eye

I believe the product should be used as a primary tool for all bicycle riding. The glasses do what they are designed to do.

TriEye Purchase

I love these glasses. They are a critical piece of safety equipment that I've never had. The sunglass part is large so you get a lot of coverage. I highly recommend these glasses.

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Fredric Diegel (New Orleans, US)
Life-changing safety for aging cyclist

This is a great product. Yes, it takes a few rides to get used to it, but now I get annoyed when I'm walking down the street and cannot see behind me. In my youth it was easy to look 180 degrees back with one hand on the bars, but now in old age I've lost the flexibility/balance, and my riding territory in NO-LA requires careful navigation of terrible pavement. My only quibble is why the polarized lenses are not available in the single mirror version; while riding towards the sun in the AM, the glare off the asphalt is bad -- considering buying the two-mirror version to get the polarized lenses. Another caveat: you really can't watch in front and behind at the same time, but you can make a quick rear view glance while maintaining awareness forward. Took me a while to stop checking rear view more often than necessary until the novelty wore off. Making left turns now much safer; moving left to take a full lane when necessary; much safer.

Takes some practice

I just received and used my TriEye for the first time today. It took some fine tuning to get the mirror positioned well enough to see traffic behind me on a lightly-used but high-speed highway with no shoulder. Once I got the mirror adjusted, I found I had to squint to focus behind and adjust my head to aim the mirror so I could see traffic. I trust all of these minor issues will improve with practice, but there is an adjustment period that should be undertaken in low speed, or no traffic. I lost my line messing around with getting a good view behind me. All that said, it's better than turning your head to see behind, but not quite as easy as a bar-mounted mirror. I'm glad to have the glasses and will keep working on making using it more second nature.

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Brandin Nicholson (Los Angeles, US)
Love them

Good looking, comfortable, work great for my sunset rides

trieye review

I like my trieye very much. the only remark I have is I wish the mirror stayed put when I put it in my pocket. I keep having to readjust it every time I take it off.

Excellent glasses

The glasses are comfortable, stylish and have great coverage. The mirror is very secure and easy to teach yourself to use.