High Contrast Rosé Cycling Rear View Mirror Glasses
View Air - High Contrast Rose Cycling Glasses with Mirror - TriEye
View Air - High Contrast Rose Cycling Glasses with Mirror - TriEye

View Air - High Contrast Rose Cycling Glasses with Mirror

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Ride with confidence. TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.
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Ride with confidence. TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated and adjustable rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.


The frame is made from TR90, a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Frames made with TR90 are comfortable to wear because they will bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably. Rubber tip for max comfort.

Durable, lightweight and scratch-resistant Polycarbonate lenses.

Fully UV protected (UV400), Category 3.

The high-contrast lenses provide unprecedented light transmission control, allowing for precise colour adjustment to maximize contrast and enhance visibility

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TriEye light frame (TR90), Lens with mirror, TriEye protective carry case, Microfiber pouch, Microfiber cloth and User manual

TriEye VIEW comes in two sizes, medium and small. The lens is a rather big panoramic lens which looks good on an average adult face, and to big on a small adult face. For that reason you can choose between the two sizes and there is a big overlap where both small and medium will fit well.

As a general role, medium size will fit all adult males with an average head/face size. Medium will also fit most females with an average head/face size but for most females small size is also an alternative.

If you have a head/face significantly smaller than average, small size is the safest choice. Note that the size of the lens also decide the angle between your eye and the mirror. 

The prescription insert frame is a product that allows to combine normal eyewear with prescription lenses. This product permits the correction of visual defects.

You will find the insert frame on products -> extra pars.

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We offer a 14 days return policy, which means that you have the ability to try your product(s) on at home, and can send them back to us within 14 days – starting from the day that you received them to your address.

You do not need to state a reason for return within this time period and you will be given a full refund of the glasses (shipping fee excluded) if the glasses are in the same condition as when you received them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fabian Jacot
Awesome safety equipment!

Takes some time to get used to, but once dialed in and used a couple of times, its a game changer. I use it in combination with the Garmin Varia radar where each time I get a ping from the head unit, I check back to see what kind of car/truck it is and if it is taking the necessary precaution to overtake me. Instills a lot of confidence and prevents me from veering off course when turning my head. Not sure if I will ever use any other cycling glasses anymore...

Timothy Smith
Repeat Customer

I've used TriEye since it's launch. I can't imagine cycling without a pair on. I even wear them when on a lonely trail to keep an on my "backdoor".

Junmar Pasaylo
It works!

Fits and looks great! The rear view mirror takes a little getting used to but does not take long. It’s a great innovative product with a reasonable price tag.

Diane Bade
Getting used to them

When I put the glasses on for my first ride, I had difficulty seeing behind me. My left shoulder seemed to be blocking the rear view. Even though I adjusted the mirror, I was not pleased. On my second ride, I realized that I had to actually move my head up and to the left to see cars in the road. I’ve now gotten used to them and find them helpful. I think perhaps a bigger mirror would be helpful

Paula J. Ingram

Loved the lens, fit, frame, everything however the air and mirror didn’t work for me. Couldn’t adjust little mirror to see behind me after many long attempts. The air flow was too much but I m sure that’s because I bike the Chicago lake and it’s very windy.

View Air

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

High Quality Frame

The frame is made from TR90, which is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Air Vents

An opening between the frame and the lens creates an airflow that helps to eliminate lens fogging.

Lens Hatch

Smart hatch/lock keep the lens in place and enables easy switch between different lenses.

Scratch Resistant

The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected (100%), scratch- and impact resistant.

Nose Pad

To have a perfect fit it is important to have an adjustable and rubberized nose pad. Detachable.

Integrated Mirror

The patent pending mirror solution is made from acrylic and polycarbonate combination.

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