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Ride with confidence

TriEye sports eyewear, with an integrated rearview mirror, lets you see behind without turning your head and taking your eyes off the road in front.

Look at the traffic behind you with Trieye. View sport revo glass with integrated mirror. Picture

How to adjust and use TriEye eyewear


Put on on the TriEye eyewear and turn your head 10 – 15 degrees to the side with the mirror. Adjust the mirror by using your fingers.


After the first adjustment, you should see a fraction of your cheek and the top of your shoulder in the mirror. Bike carefully while optimizing your rear view.


Expect 2-3 rides to get used to your increased view and the mirror. As you get used to the mirror and rear view, you will never bike without.


TriEye View

The next generation sports eyewear with the unique and award-winning rearview mirror.

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Premium Parts

The new TriEye VIEW models are crafted with premium materials including TR90 in the frame, which is an incredibly lightweight, flexible, and durable material. The polycarbonate lens is fully UV400 protected, scratch- and impact resistant.

For different activites

Most of us have more than one athletic endeavor that we fall into. We at TriEye are passionate cyclists but TriEye can be used at any sport that requires forward attention and at the same time can benefit from rear visibility.

The story about TriEye

The family and I was cycling in the Norwegian mountains and my son crashed into me from behind. Just like that, the idea to integrate a mirror into my eyewear started.

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