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TriEye Performance Eyewear Premium Pack


TriEye Performance Sunglasses Premium pack which includes 3 lenses for different weather.
Choose between US or UK orientation, black or white frames, small or medium.

Dual mirrors are ideal for rowing

Single mirror is ideal for cycling, running, rollerskates, scooter.

  • Both sides
  • Left (US and Europe standard)
  • Right (UK standard)
  • Small
  • Medium

Whether your focus is on the road ahead or the traffic behind you, TriEye delivers crystal clear visibility to cyclists and other athletes. TriEye raises the bar with its integrated rearview mirror and tinted Polycarbonate lenses with UV400 (100% protection).

Checking the traffic behind you can be very dangerous. When you turn your head, you turn your handlebars and this can put you in the path of traffic. To prevent situations like this, we created TriEye’s patented integrated mirror. The mirror is made from Polycarbonate with anti-fog coating and will not break into small pieces.


  • TriEye Frame
  • Two Sets of Temples
  • Smoke Lens with Mirror
  • Revo Lens with Mirror
  • Clear Lens with Mirror
  • TriEye Protective Carry Case
  • Microfiber Pouch
  • Cleaning Cloth

What size should I have?

Small will fit people with a PD (pupils distance) of 65 mm or less. Medium will fit people with a PD (pupils distance) of 70 mm or more. If your PD 65 – 70 mm then both sizes will fit.

Most people do not know or measure their PD even if it is easily done with a millimeter ruler in front of your mirror.

In general, the medium is the best choice for adults with an average distance between the eyes. If you know that the distance between your eyes is smaller than average you should choose the small size.


Weight0.029 kg
Frame color

Black, White

Mirror side (orientation)

Both sides, Left (US and Europe standard), Right (UK standard)


Small, Medium