Shipping policy


We need 1-3 business days to process the order. When we have packed, we send the package worldwide and deliver within 2-4 business days in Europe and US using our partner DHL for worldwide shipping. Delivery can take between 2-6 business days in any other country.

That means that if you live in the USA, you can expect the order to be at your doorstep 3-8 days after your order.


Cost of delivery

Express Shipping with DHL on all purchases over 45€ are Free.


Tracking your order, made easy with DHL!

Once your order is picked up from our warehouse, you get an email and/or a SMS from DHL. With this, you can:

  1. Track your order
  2. Customise your delivery options if you like to:
    • Change the delivery date

    • Change delivery address

    • Collect from DHL service points

    • Leave it with your neighbour

    • Signature release it so DHL will leave it at your doorstep


Do I have to pay any import taxes?

No, we ship to all countries, including all taxes and import costs. 


Corona Information

Trieye is not affected by the ongoing situation with the coronavirus. You will receive your order within 1-3 business days. 


Delivery without contact – Signature Release

Our partner DHL offers the option to deliver without requiring a signature, providing a delivery without personal contact. This option is made available after your order with us. DHL will contact you by email and SMS to choose “Signature release” as an option.